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    Post Station manning program

    I am looking for a good, basic station manning
    program....to log members and thier hours.
    For Windows.

    Links or sites appreciated


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    If you want the most very basic - then I wold suggest using software that you may already have & create a simple spreadsheet (Excel) or perhaps a database (Access).

    Above that I would look at www.tucows.com for any shareware/freeware time keeping / time clock program.

    If you want to go the High Dollar route, we are currently using Firehouse Software for our PCR's and the FD's are begining to use them for fire reports in my county - it also has a module where-by you can track attendance to meetings, functions, drills, and I'm pretty sure you could adapt that to general time on duty as well.

    You could look into that (or other similar packages).
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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