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    Thumbs up Bob Compton, Engine 6511

    Bob Compton was a member of the IACOJ and the Firehouse Forums and posted under the name Eng6511. He passed away in May of 2004 after a valiant battle with cancer. Bob had an American Lafrance engine that was his pride and joy.

    hfd66truck got this letter the other day from Bob's daughter, he forwarded it to our board of trustees, and I felt that it deserved to be posted here...

    I am Bob Comptonís daughter, Kimberley and I would like to thank you for remembering my Dad with the Compton award. I remember Art Goodrich or one of the other Crusties mentioning renaming the award in my Dadís memory but I donít remember what the award was for. Please extend my congratulations on behalf of the Compton family to Jeff Vanderpool. Also, please extend get well wishes and a speedy recovery to Art.

    I thought you and the other Crusties might like to know what has happened since Dad died in May. The first few weeks were really rough but all the good wishes and memories from folks all over, we muddled through. Most of Dadís family didnít know about his association with IACOJ. They learned of it when I read Artís wonderful letter at his funeral. Some had heard of the famous firetruck he bought in New Jersey and drove to North Carolina. He spent a few years restoring it and of course nothing but the best of original equipment was good enough for his truck.

    I took a few trips to North Carolina from the Albany, NY area to get his estate squared away. I was really worried about what to do with his firetruck. I couldnít offer it to any VFDs because the jump seats were not fully enclosed according to new laws. (Please remember that I am an EMT with the local volunteer ambulance corps and we donít do fires. That is fine with the local VFD. They donít start IVs or hold barf bags for patients). I am not really up on firetruck codes or laws but I was made to understand that Dadís firetruck could not be place in service.

    One of the trips I took to North Carolina was to set up an estate sale for most of Dadís stuff. The day before the sale we learned that a newly repainted, used firetruck belonging to Unaka VFD was coming home from its paint job when the brake line caught fire. The truck was going up hill at the time when it started rolling down the hill and crashed into a tree. No one was hurt but the truck was fully involved and it and all equipment on the truck was completely destroyed. Through another local VFD, I contacted Unaka and asked them if they could use Dadís firetruck. The chief came and inspected it, checked some laws, and determined that Dadís firetruck had proper restraints for use in North Carolina. Unfortunately, Unaka could not use the truck because it was too big for their building and the cabover design on mountain roads might cause their drivers problems. Also, Dadís truck was a pumper and in their neck of the woods, a tanker was needed more. The chief was disappointed too because most of the equipment on Dadís truck was better than the stuff they had. The least we could do for Unaka and the other local VFDs was to provide them with all the equipment Dad had lying around the firehouse that didnít go with the truck.

    We were really disappointed that Dadís truck couldnít be used but apparently word got out that there was a perfectly good firetruck in excellent condition available to a VFD that could use it. Just a few weeks later, guys from Culberson VFD called and asked if they could see the truck. They had only 1 and with 2 firetrucks, the residents of their fire district could get a real break on their insurance. They gave it a thorough check up and last I heard it is in service. They really appreciated such a heavy duty pumper (Dad replaced and/or refurbished the pumps) as they make good use of portable ponds.

    So Robert Comptonís legacy lives on. Interestingly enough, the people who bought the house and firehouse in North Carolina learned of it through their brother who is involved with the Culberson VFD. Years from now folks will ask them why their garage is called a firehouse and the story of my Dad and his love of firetrucks and his dedication to fire service personnel will be told again.

    What more could a Crusty old Jake ask for.


    Kimberley Westcott
    Robert Comptonís
    Darling Daughter #3

    Brothers and sisters...this is what it's all about...paying it forward...
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    Thats Awesome, and Chief Dunklee of the Culberson VFD is a good friend of the Clinton VFD and others here in P.G. They have had a Pumper from Kentland and a Pumper from Arnold Maryland donated to them in the 90's. We also donated alot of equipment to them over the years and the Chief tries to make our banquet every year.
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    Thanks for posting this Ron. What a great legacy for a man who obviously not only loved the fire service, but did what he could to make it better.

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    Now in Victoria, BC. I'm from beautiful Jasper Alberta in the heart of the Can. Rockies - will always be an Albertan at heart!


    Class act family all the way! Thanks for sharing the letter with us.
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    911 N. Sycamore St. Yep, that's really our address.


    How cool is that?

    Thanks, Ron!
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    Tales of a legacy left by a great man.
    My posts reflect my views and opinions, not the organization I work for or my IAFF local. Some of which they may not agree. I.A.C.O.J. member
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    Wow. What a great family Bob had. I'm glad that someone was able to put his truck into service.

    Thanks for sharing the letter, Ron!
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    What an awesome letter Capt. Gonzo. Thanks for posting it.

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    Thumbs up Wow..........................

    Not often that I'm at a loss for words, but I am now. Thanks to the Compton Family, and Thanks to Gonz for Posting Kimberley's Letter.
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    Somehow, naming an award after Bob doesn't seem like enough.
    But the Compton family knew in the days after Bob's death how very much he meant to us. And it was then that they realized how important the fire service had been in Bob's life.
    Bob would appreciate more than anyone that his beloved Engine 6511 went to a very worthy cause.
    For those who never saw a picture of it, it is my avatar and will be forever.
    Great letter from a wonderful family.
    Visit www.iacoj.com
    Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
    RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)

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    Thumbs up

    Absolutely awesome!!

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    Thanks Gonzo!

    This blabbermouth is speechless....and I'm wiping away tears of joy.

    Sigh...he lives on.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, Cap. That made my day.

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    Thumbs up

    WOW TOOOO KUUULLL. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes to Culberson VFD on their acquisition of Engine 6511. May it serve them long and well.
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    Great post Gonzo!!!

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