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    Default SOP/SOG, Devolop them....

    Howdy, yall. Well Im in the process of trying to get an sop/sog developed for our volunteer only dept. The problem is as follows. The closest thing to an sop/sog is what to roll to a particular call, i.e. engine and service/rescue pickup to an mva. Nothing more in depth than that, not even anything to have someone wait at the station in case the other piece of apparatus is need. I'd like to get an sop/sog written, mostly from the safety standpoint, that spells everything out, so there is no question. Like I know that very few if any, myself included ( I apologize ahead of time) wear their seatbelts in the apparatus when going to a call, or even doing drive time. It's state law in GA, I think, to wear your seatbelt in a government vehicle. The second problem is the fact that a majority of the members, like 4 out of 5 ar between the ages of 18-23, and I guess we all have the mindset of superman(woman). And as much as the P!$$ me off, I still care about em. If not I wouldn't be a volunteer. To have anything offical done tho, it has to be motioned, seconded and then voted on and approved by the majority to be put into place. I've thought about tryin to threaten to have the D.O.T. come down and do an apparatus inspection, if they wanted to gang up on me again, and shoot me down. Does anyone have any other possible ways of getting this started and completed, with out the, God forbide) death of a brother or sister within our dept? ~whew~ (whata mouthful)

    again thank you all to who may respond and even read this post....

    (ihope yall understand it all)

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    Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures for Fire & EMS Departments


    This 102-page manual is designed to assist emergency service managers in establishing effective standard operating procedures within their organization. It will serve as a valuable resource for personnel seeking a clear understanding of operational issues, and will facilitate compliance with current laws, regulations, and standards related to the emergency services.



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    Thanks for that info GeorgeWendtCFI, We are in the process of setting SOG's/SOP's ourselves. RVFD506, Check put the following link for some good examples to work off of when you develop yours:


    While you are there, check out the main web site for lots of information regarding the safety of yourself and your fellow firemen at:

    Good luck in your efforts to change the "we always did it that way" attitude of your FD. Remember, a nudge sometimes works better than a push!
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