At some point in the hiring process for an agency you could be required to complete a Preliminary Background Questionnaire (PBQ). More agencies are giving this as part of the application process. This is to eliminate candidates early on in the process instead of wasting money on candidates who would be disqualified later in the process. It could be given at the start of the process, at background or at the psych. At any point you could be taken out by the PBQ.

As I was writing this segment, I took a break and met my family for lunch where a candidate recognized me. First words out of his mouth were had I just took the on-line PBQ and when I clicked continue, I got a message PERMANENT DISQUALIFICATION! Do you know whatís going on with that? Yep. You crossed the threshold on one of your answers.

Even though you might not take the up coming LAFD test, you have an opportunity to experience filling out a Preliminary Background Questionnaire (PBQ) to see if you would be accepted for this or any other department in the future using a PBQ. You donít have to complete the questionnaire if you only want to look at the questions. Give it a try:

Before you submit this on-line PBQ, double check your answers for errors and think twice before you step on any land mines that could take you out of the process.

If your results produce this message: PERMANENT DISQUALIFICATION! Or, There Could Be a Delay in Your Background.

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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