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    Default Centralia FD Save

    Big Kudos go out to Centralia Fire for their rescue and resucitation at a house fire early this morning! My brother was on shift and said the entry crew forced entry, found and removed the victim. They grabbed the EMS kit, worked him as a code, and got him breathing again before the ambulance showed up. That's how it's done. Way to go boys!!


    Here's the story.

    "A 55-year-old Centralia man found overcome by smoke and not breathing inside his duplex early this morning is alive today thanks to the efforts of Centralia Firemen. Centralia Fire Chief Bill Thouvenin says he believes Walter Ray of 1049 Maulding Drive has a good chance of 'making it'. Ray is listed in serious condition this evening at St. John's Hospital in St. Louis.

    Thouvenin says they found Ray lying on the living room floor after they forced entry. Thouvenin says the victim did not appear to be burned had suffered severe smoke inhalation and was not breathing. Ray was removed from the structure and CPR was administered before he was taken to St. Mary's Good Samaritan Hospital in Centralia.

    Thouvenin says the fire was confined to the stove and cabinet area in the kitchen, with smoke damage throughout the unit. A state deputy fire marshall is reviewing the fire scene, but Thouvenin says it appears the fire was accidental and was cooking related. Damage to the Marion County Housing Authority property is estimated at $15,000.

    The occupants of the neighboring duplex first reported the blaze after their smoke detector sounded. The fire call came in at 12:38 this morning, with firemen remaining on the scene until just after two am."
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    Hell of a job guys. Sounds like an awesome call all the way around. And it sounds like the guy will do fine, so its all good. Congratulations.
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    I read that in the paper today. It's bad having any victim, but when you get to save one it makes this all worth while. Way to go Bill and your gang!
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    High fives all the way around.
    Those are the ones that you like to read about.
    Good save.
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