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    Default new york state cfr duty to act?

    Hello Guys,

    Hope you all have had a happy new year.

    I have a question.

    I was told once I recieve my New York State Certified First Responder
    certification. I would be required to help at all emergencies I come
    across in my travels or daily activities if they arise. (IE: walking down the sidewalk come across a guy on the ground or at a store or restraunt someone has a siezure or stops breathing) I would be required by law to preform CFR duties. According to my instructor,
    however I was told by another instructor that I wasent required
    to stop and help and I BELIEVE, do not quote me. That I would only
    be able to provide good semartian level care. I'am not sure of what to believe. I'd much rather be able to provide CFR level care in the event I come across someone needing help over just setting there with my thump up my rump calling 911.

    Does anyone have light to shed on this?.

    Yes. My grammer,spelling,punctuation is off. I am
    extremely tired at 0242 hours.

    Stay safe brothers and sisters out there doing what we do best.

    Godbless you and your familys.

    Take care and thank you

    ZZZZzzzz I need sleep! goodnight!

    By the way, I already looked at the CNY EMS site and to no luck.
    So I came here searching for answers.

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    Yes...your first instructor is correct about the duty to act in NYS. But if you do not advertise...the you are not obligated...hense your second instructors argument. Technically...if you display something that identifies you as an emergency medical care person...and you do not stop to assist...you can be charged with pt abandonedment....Now...if there are agencies on scene...who are of a higher medical authority...then you do not have to stop.

    Personaly it come down to a morale issue...more than a legal one. I never went out of my way to render aid...if they were on the same side of the street as me...then yes I would help the poor slob.
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