Does anyone have any suggestions on Fire Prevention and/or Fire Education positions or possibly these along with a paramedic slot?

I'm focusing my fire science degree on these areas, along with Fire/EMS Education. I will have (in about a year) my BS in Liberal Science with minors in Office Administration and Fire Science and Assoc. degrees in both Fire Science and Paramedics. I'm 1 of only a handful of females in our program and have pretty decent grades in my studies. I've been working with National Registy for the past 3 years and have been teaching a lot of CPR/First Aid classes. I have certs in some hazmats and emergency driving already and am planning on getting a couple more. I also have worked as an EMT for the past couple of years.

Can anyone point me in a direction that could help me out in these areas? Such as certs to get and stuff like that. Any input would help, thanks guys