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    Default World of trouble

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    Pay closer attention to the weather and other events that can effect travel and allow an extra day or so travel time. Talk to your union rep. I don't know where you are and don't know if that will help. Whatever punishment you end up with, just say yes sir it will never happen again,and don't bitch about it. After that keep your nose and ***** clean and do your job and a bit extra. Hope it works out,good luck.

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    Default Re: World of trouble

    Originally posted by hellcat82

    I went home for christmas while in the Academy (first mistake) and on my way home, i got delayed. All flights were cancelled out of providence and boston, and i had to take the first available train. I got to my academy a minute after the afternoon lineup had been dismissed. I spent the day in transit, keeping my instructors advised of my situation. Now, I am suspended...waiting final word from the cheif. I did everything I could to make it back, and now I'm screwed.

    Is there anythign I can do to save my job? I have worked hard to get where I am, and this job is now my life.

    I need help, and advice.
    What Academy?
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