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    If not Wackenhut, does anyone know of other FF jobs for Industrial or Oil Company based jobs maybe in Texas Coastal area???

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    I gotta buddy on the Fire Brigade at one of the Shell refineries in Houston. Way it works with them is you have a regular job at the plant, and you work the firefighting aspect as needed. The brigade is not a full time job assignment per se. I'll check with him. He might have some info he can pass on to me that possibly could point you in the right direction. I'll post it up if/when I get it.


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    I live in the Corpus Christi area and there is a Company
    called RTFC (Refinery Terminal Fire Company)they train
    and protect the local refinery and are backed by the city
    fire dept.The pay is close to what the city is making
    but it is a private non union job and their benifits
    change from time to time to my understanding.
    I have never worked for this company and suggest you
    contact them direct for more info. Good luck and post
    if you need more info.

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    I used to work for ConocoPhillips (not at the refinery myself, but worked with them occasionally), and at the refineries here in SoCal, it was the same as Q6Cap brigade was a secondary duty for most if not all operators. There were a few dedicated Safety Specialists who were the full-time fire/safety folks and served as the officers for the brigade.

    I believe Rural/Metro provides fire brigade services for a few refineries...not sure which companies/area though.
    Chris Gaylord
    Emergency Planner / Fire Captain, UC Santa Cruz FD

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