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    Question Regional Grant Success?

    Our dept was the lead agency for 04 Grant for NFPA 1561 Electronic Accounability System that would benefit 10 total depts. We were told by FEMA at the grant meeting to submit and also check CI boxes that it would assist us in getting the grant. Well as of today we are still in limbo as most are out there. In speaking to our Congressional Rep they keeping telling us that DHS is saying you are still in pending status. I have been told by other people that CI is causing problems due to the lack of speedness of your homeland security office which in turn can delay many months in you getting reviewed again by FEMA. Just wonder if others have had success with multi-agency grant applications.

    I know no news is good news, but we are trying to plan what our 05 grant process is going to be since we have no clue where we stand on 04. We are looking at a countywide Com system, but again we are gun shy with the response we have seen thus far with 04 grant process.


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    Super, to my knowledge there is no action by KyHS needed for processing a grant app. I wrote 8 this year, got three funded, four turned down and one pending. Never heard anything about anybody in Kentucky having to do anything to them.

    I think they are trying to wrap up a lot of loose ends and be very accurate about what funds are available to finish of 2004 before they announce the final awards.
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