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    Exclamation Extinguisher Warning

    I thought this was important to pass on:


    Critical information on fire extinguishers from IN Fire Chief's Association and Chief Ruhm of Kendallville Fire Department. Fire Extinguishers are being filled with anhydrous ammonia. This is the latest attempt by those who cook meth to hide the anhydrous. One of these extinguishers was brought into Fire Station #1 on 11-9-04 to be repaired after being found in an apartment complex parking lot. It was full of anhydrous ammonia!!
    -The horn had been cut off of the hose.
    -Gauge still showed pressure.
    -Teflon pipe tape was visible from around the valve assembly.

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    That's pretty damn scary if you ask me!!
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    Post This is not an Urban Legend!

    The information in this post is accurate. A simple search, with the keywords "fire extinguisher anhydrous ammonia" turned up numerous hits. The following quote is from the Iowa Court of Appeals Opinion page dated March 2004:
    Background Facts and Proceedings.

    The State initially charged Hendrickson with possession of anhydrous ammonia with intent to manufacture a controlled substance, transportation of anhydrous in an unauthorized container, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hendrickson later entered into a plea agreement with the State whereby he pled guilty to possession with intent to manufacture a controlled substance in exchange for the State’s agreement to drop the other charges and recommend a probationary sentence. The district court accepted the plea. Hendrickson waived his right to file a motion in arrest of judgment. The court then sentenced him to a five-year indeterminate term of incarceration, suspended the sentence, and ordered probation.

    A review of the minutes of testimony, on which the district court based its finding of a factual basis for the plea, reveals the following facts. Around 2:00 a.m. on March 13, 2003, two Mills County sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop a vehicle driven by Danielle Villani for the display of expired license plates. Raymond Hendrickson was a passenger in the vehicle. Villani refused to stop, running through a stop sign and leading the deputies on a short chase. Eventually, her vehicle hit railroad tracks and stalled. Villani and Hendrickson exited from the car and fled, before being apprehended by the deputies.

    While handcuffing the defendant, one deputy noticed the smell of anhydrous ammonia coming from the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up a concealed fire extinguisher containing anhydrous ammonia. The deputies also discovered a small glass tube used to smoke controlled substances. Upon questioning, Hendrickson claimed he had found the fire extinguisher alongside the road and that they had picked it up thinking they could dispose of it. Villani informed officers she recently had used methamphetamine and was high. She claimed Hendrickson had asked her for a ride to get anhydrous ammonia. She took him to a rural farm, where he exited the car, went behind a fence, and returned with the fire extinguisher.

    Trent Walker, a detective for the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Taskforce and who was present at the scene following Hendrickson’s and Villani’s arrests, noted that fire extinguishers are commonly used to steal and transport anhydrous ammonia for use in the production of methamphetamine.
    Also this message dated October 1998:
    A Message from the Story County Sheriff

    And this message from Michigan, dated January 15, 2000Anhydrous ammonia an ingredient in drug cooked in home labs

    Have you checked your extinguisher lately?
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