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    Default Multiple Job Offers

    What do I do if I get more than one job offer?

    As tough as it is to get this job, candidates don't believe me when I tell them they could expect multiple job offers. It's not uncommon to get two job offers once you learn how to take an interview. It is my opinion and experience to go forward with both (no don't let them know of each other unless they ask) and make the final decision as the process unfolds. Don't be surprised if both departments send you to the same psych Doctor.

    You never know what's going to happen in the hiring process. Follow each job offer until the end of the process. If you like one department better and tell the other one good by, what are you going to do if the one you likes doesn't hire you?

    One candidate got 3 job offers in 8 days. He went forward in all 3, then made his decision on the department he felt was the best match for him and with the best pay, benefits, and no state tax.

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    The reason it takes so long for most people to get hired is because they donít understand the hiring system that we all use. Simply put, it takes most people years to figure it out. In addition it is imperative that candidates earn qualifications and learn how to take a fire department interview.

    I commonly encounter candidates who have multiple job offers pending. These are the ones who have ďfigured outĒ what we are looking for in an entry-level candidate.

    Do you take the first thing that comes along? Maybe. I commonly encounter people who tested for a department out of the area and got hired. Naturally they jumped on the opportunity. Now a couple of years later they decide that they want to come home and find a job.

    It becomes complicated taking shift trades and incurring travel expenses. Of course you cannot tell people what you are doing as it is political suicide. Yes, itís easier looking for a job when you already have one but sometimes it becomes much more complicated than you might expect.

    Once you start scoring well on exams you are able to parlay that success into additional successes.

    For example:
    I am in the final hiring process for XYZ department and I could make my career there and raise my family in the area but I want to work for your department because (insert your reasons here).

    Once one department wants you the others will climb on board. Itís kind of like dating. You canít buy a date (I donít mean literally) one day. The next day you meet someone and take her to dinner. Now that you are with a woman, the other women check you out and you now become a ďdesirable guy.Ē

    Fire departments look more highly at a candidate if another department is looking to hire you. It almost becomes a competition to hire you. The departments want to hire the best candidate.

    Believe it or not the applicant pool is relatively small. Yes, I understand there are hundreds even thousands of people who apply but I am referring to number of squared away dialed in candidates is pretty slim.

    This is why when a candidate finally does land a job he or she has multiple job offers. Simply put, they have figured out what we are looking for and have become that candidate that we are fighting over.
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