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    Default Transfers?

    I am not a federal firefighter. I am curious if you were an Army FF, would it be possible to transfer to Navy or Air Force down the road or vice-versa? In a seperate question, would you recommend in general entering the Fed FD? The main drawback I see is the 72 hour workweek. . . Thanks.

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    Default It's possible...

    Regulations allow it. Whether you get it or not is another question. It does provide the ability to transfer to another Federal agency or to another area.

    It may be a good idea for a young person in order to get their foot-in-the-door for a City FF job....

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    Default I Transferd 3 X's

    It's no big deal to transfer. Find and opening and apply. Everything crosses over your GS pay grade may go up or down but you allmost always make more on a transfer. At least I always did.
    By the way I worked every branch except for Coast Guard and VA. They are all the Same. Good Luck,
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