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    Default Kenwood 2180 Radios

    Without opening a big ol can of worms, I wanted to get a few comments from some of the radio guys and or someone who has actually used them. Our radio shop says they are just as reliable and rugged as the 290 series.

    We are purchasing these to go with intergrated radio SCBA's we are getting with a grant. Want something to be rugged, reliable and Firefighter proof so to speak. Not to complicated but can meet our needs and future needs.

    These will be used by bith the Haz Mat Team and Firefighters for on and off duty use.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I wish I could tell you "I've used this radio and it is every bit as good as the 90 series," but I have never laid my hands on one (dying to though).

    Basiclly, all I can give you is some adivce. Get one, hold it in your hands and try to use it with fire gloves and hazmat gloves. Make sure you can operate it properly. Grill anyone and everyone about it's durability. It does meet the same Mil-Spec standards as the 90 series so it is pretty rugged. As for real word experience, well that will be up to you or someone else who has played with them.
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