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    Default Airbags hitting the windshield causing staring?

    I watched Ron's 2004 Air Bag presentation, which by the way was awsome! I got a LOT out of it that I am trying to take back to others.

    My question is regarding the driver's frontal air bag hitting the windshield. I seem to recall Ron saying something to the effect of the driver's frontal airbag "Does not and will not impact the windshied to cause staring." I heard that and said "cool!"

    At EMT refresher class today, one of the instructors stated he has seens this happen. I didn't ask him for any details. I just want to recheck what I heard on the presentation and see if anyone else has seen this happen before. I would really like to be able to say with certainty at an MVA "That was not the airbag, they don't do that".
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    I don't want to go counter to our esteemed moderator, but I have seen a windshield have a "staring" or "spider web" break in it when the driver was belted and had no signs of windshield impact (not even a spec of glass dust!). That only leaves the SRS airbag to be the cause of the windshied damage. My "suspicions" are that when the airbag deployed, the cover from the steering wheel swung upward and struck the windshield as the airbag deployed rearward.

    I am very hesitant to say that something will "never" happen. A lot of things can occur during the deceleration during an accident. From what I observed, this had to be one of those instances where everything was just right for something to occur. I may never see it again, but I cannot assume that a star pattern on a windshield was not caused by an airbag deployment.
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    It's quite common to see the passenger side bag break the windshield although I don't in recent memory remember the drivers side one bothering.However,it's the busy season here,so I'll pay a little closer attention and see if I can gather some data.Don't be afraid to "call"Ron on an issue,not only does it benefit us all;what's the worst that will happen? We're wrong? What if we're right? It's all good. T.C.

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    Some tilt columns go way up. I don't recall seeing this, but it wouldn't surprise me, either.

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    I have seen the airbag star the windsheild, but it was on an older vehicle with some of the first air bags. The first airbags that came out were shaped and deployed different than the newer ones.

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