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    Default Nfirs

    If we already use Firehouse Software and report to our State FA(Fire Administration), what do we have to do in order to comply with FEMA.
    We received a grant this year for the 1st time. Is there a National FA that we will have to start sending NFIRS reports to?


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    Most states turn around and report to FEMA. I think there's only one or two that don't, so unless you're in one of those two, you don't have to do anything. We report to Texas, FM's office, and they send it on to the feds for us.

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    You need to check with your state fire administration to see if they report the data you send them into the NFIRS system. Most likely they do, but they may not. If they do not, you need to find out where to send the NFIRS reports. I can not help you there, because Illinois reports NFIRS.

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