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    Thumbs down Give me a break Conn Deputy Fire Chief suspened ?

    City's deputy fire chief suspended Incident involved hiring tow truck

    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    By Suzanne Risley

    Copyright 2005 Republican-American

    TORRINGTON -- Calling a tow company for a broken-down rescue truck brought Fire Department Deputy Chief Jaye Giampaolo a suspension and loss of five days pay.

    The suspension, which started Monday, occurred after city mechanics filed a grievance because they are contractually responsible for repair and maintenance of city vehicles, said Michael Colangelo, Board of Public Safety member.

    Giampaolo is supposed to allow city mechanics to repair vehicles instead of calling a towing company, which probably cost less than $100. Rescue trucks transport tools and materials used in rescue operations.

    Larry Dorman, Council 4 representative of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, did not know Monday night if Local 1579 filed a grievance. Local union officials could not be reached for comment.

    But the issue of city departments using outside towing services has arisen in the past, Dorman said.

    While suspended, Giampaolo must turn in all his firefighting equipment. He cannot participate in any fire-related activities.

    He was unavailable for comment Monday.

    Neither fire Chief John Field nor Mayor Owen Quinn would discuss the reasons behind the suspension, citing it as a confidential personnel matter.

    Quinn said the decision to suspend Giampaolo was made by Field, Personnel Director Thomas Gritt and him. Quinn also said Giampaolo would not have been suspended for five days if it were the first time he failed to follow city procedures.

    Colangelo confirmed Giampaolo has been accused of other infractions, but didn't know what. "I was led to believe it was similiar in scope," he said.

    The Board of Public Safety was informed of the suspension last week, but disciplinary action does not need board approval, Colangelo said. The suspension was not on the agenda for the board's Wednesday meeting, and Colangelo does not foresee it being added.

    Reaction among the rank and file of the Fire Department has been insignificant, said Todd LaMothe, president of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1567. The leadership has not discussed it with the firefighters, which is somewhat unusual, and it really has not affected the way they do business, he said.

    Giampaolo, a department member for more than 20 years, was promoted to deputy chief in 2002. The job's duties include overseeing the daily operations of the department and buying equipment. He recently coordinated a disaster drill involving fire, police and emergency medical personnel. He also is well-known for his advocacy on behalf of veterans.

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    Well, there's always more to a story, so it's hard to speculate what happened. However, it does sound like the officer sidestepped a few rules, and the mechanic union may have had a legitimate beef. I'd be interested to see how this turns out.
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    While I don't know the details, if calling a tow meant a shorter out of service time, I call for a tow, instead of waiting for the city to get it...

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    Not sure how big the city or department is, but most cities and or counties have fleet maintenance shops. If they do not a have wrecker/tow truck service, then they should and most always have one or several wrecker/tow service on contract.

    For this guy who was identified as the deputy fire chief, may not have known if his city/county has tow service or a contract for towing. I would think, if he has been there long he should have know these things.

    I would think that the fire department is now responsibable for paying for the towing. As far as the suit, I can see where the shop guys might have a case.

    Some how, I feel that we really don't know all there is to this story.I am like kghemtp, I would like to know more and how this plays out.

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    I can understand the union beef ...........but the 5 days off I dont get ........
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