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    Default Congratulations are in order...

    I am trying to remember the exact quote from Backdraft...

    "I think it's a union bylaw that when someone gets there picture in the paper..even if it is complete B@#$ S%^&...He has to buy the whole company a drink...Bartender, I'll have a double on the hero"

    We this isn't complete BS,(except maybe the picture...Who was that young looking guy Rich? LOL)...but let me congratulate Mr. Rich "MetalMedic" Nester...Orrville Firefighter Association's Fire Fighter of the Year!!!

    Anyway...Rich...I owe you a Bucket-o-Margarita next time!!


    Nester, also known as ‘MetalMedic,’ is a go-to kind of guy
    Staff Writer
    ORRVILLE - Rich Nester, named as 2004 firefighter of the year by the Orrville Firefighters Association, is no stranger to recognitions. He was similarly honored in 1988 when he was named firefighter of the year in the Rittman community.

    A 1979 graduate of Rittman High School and 1994 graduate of the University of Akron with a degree in criminal justice, Nester has worked in the fire service for 24 years in Wayne County.

    Nester, who recalls a fascination with fire trucks and firefighters from an early age, entered the fire service with the Chippewa Fire Department in 1980. He served with Chippewa through September 1986 when he moved to Rittman. Nester said it was a “no-brainer” he promptly joined the Rittman Fire Department.

    “It’s just something that gets in your blood. You feel awkward not doing it,” he said.

    Nester served with the Rittman department through July 1989 when he moved to Orrville, where he immediately submitted his application. He marked his 15th anniversary with the department on July 5. Nester’s fire service resume is an impressive one, including certification as an emergency medical technician, fire safety inspector, arson investigator and vehicle extrication technician, the latter field in which he is regarded as an expert.

    The firefighter of the year committee, composed of Randy Coe, Bob Peter and Aaron Keener, said Nester has studied and trained in vehicle extrication and is expert on the methods, techniques and equipment used to free victims trapped in vehicles and machinery. Fellow firefighters say his enthusiasm for the science of vehicle extrication has earned him the nickname “MetalMedic.”

    Orrville fire Chief Bob Ballentine said Nester’s knowledge has proved to be a valuable resource throughout the process of acquiring the department’s hydraulic rescue tool system, as well as helping design the department’s new heavy rescue vehicle.

    “Rich was our go-to guy on the hydraulic tools part (of the heavy rescue design) and on the pump. He did the research and he’s very meticulous. He’s on top of all that stuff,” Ballentine said.

    Ballentine said because of Nester’s full-time job, “He’s not able to be here as much as some people are, but he’s here when he’s available.”

    Ballentine also praised Nester’s involvement in the county fire training school.

    The nominating committee noted the Orrville Fire Department led the way in the early 1970s when it was the first community in the area to purchase a hydraulic rescue tool, and said Nester helps ensure the department continues to be a leader in fire rescue technology, practices and equipment.

    Nester said his knowledge and skill in the area of vehicle extrication has crossed over into his favorite hobby - auto racing. He has worked on fire/rescue crews for NASCAR, Champ Car, ALMS and SCCA, all nationally recognized racing series. Racing event fire and rescue crew managers at the Champ Car Cleveland Grand Prix and the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington have come to rely on Nester to assist in organizing fire/rescue crews and equipment for their events.

    Last year when NASCAR Truck Racing made its a stop in Mansfield, Nester assisted in setting up fire/rescue crews.

    Nester’s vacations are spent traveling to watch and work at auto races. He recently traveled to South Carolina to complete a 20-hour NASCAR “Train the Trainer” advanced logistics training program.

    Nester, whose full-time job is a police sergeant with The Ohio State University Wooster Campus, also serves on the Orrville Fire Investigation Bureau and the Wayne County Fire Investigation Team. He is involved in the non-emergency aspects of the fire service through Orrville Firefighters Association activities.

    Talking about what he considers the best part of being involved in the fire service, Nester said it is “the satisfaction of knowing I’m doing something to help my community. I enjoy the camaraderie of being associated with people who have a like interest.”

    He said the work appeals to him because he is “outcome oriented” and likes being able to see the beginning and end of a given job, like fighting a fire or extricating a person from a vehicle.

    On the other hand, Nester noted, he worries increasing training requirements will make it more difficult for younger firefighters to maintain a long-term involvement with departments.

    “My concern is that this kind of position will not be attractive for new people, but I don’t fault the system for that,” Nester said. Long term, Nester said, he sees his role as a mentor and trainer in his fields of specialty.

    “I like to pass on what I’ve learned, as much as I’ve like learning it in the first place,” Nester said.

    Reporter Paul Locher can be reached at (330) 682-2055, Ext. 218, or e-mail plocher@the-daily-record.com.
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    Thumbs up

    From the NW corner of the great state of Ohio.... Congrats MetalMedic!!!

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    Now that there is an article !!!!!!!!!! Congrats Rich....
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
    ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS: Will the dead horse please report to the forums.(thanks Motown)
    RAY WAS HERE 08/28/05
    LETHA' FOREVA' ! 010607
    I'm sorry, I haven't been paying much attention for the last 3 hours.....what were we discussing?
    "but I guarentee you I will FF your arse off" from>
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    Thumbs up

    A big thumbs up


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    Congratulations Rich, good job Brother!

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    Default Re: Congratulations are in order...

    Originally posted by REMSCHIEF

    We this isn't complete BS,(except maybe the picture...Who was that young looking guy Rich? LOL)...but let me congratulate Mr. Rich "MetalMedic" Nestor...Orrville Firefighter Association's Fire Fighter of the Year!!!
    Dangit Chief.. I wasn't expecting it to go state-wide!! (BTW... you need to learn how to spell my name...).

    The young looking guy is a former Orrville Firefighter of the Year who is also on Marshallville FD. The "Daily Mistake" lived up to its name... they put my picture in with a correction two days later. Allegedly, they will re-run the article next weekend with the right picture...

    I feel very awkward accepting congratulations for doing what I feel is expected of me. I always felt that God intended me to do what I am doing, so I don't give it much thought... I just do it.

    Anyway, to everyone, thank you for your words of praise. I am truly humbled and I hope you all understand that I do not feel this is an award given to me.. it is an award that recognizes what we all do in the Fire and EMS world to help our neighbors.

    PS - I will be waiting for that bucket of margaritas!
    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

    "People don't care what you know... until they know that you care." - Scott Bolleter

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    Thumbs up a big Way To Go.......

    from the Portage County too.
    the motto of every midnight shift dispatcher - "I'm up - You're up"

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    Congrats, Metal!!
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