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    Question Pre-career route

    I was wondering if it would be better for me to get my EMT & paramedic training before testing. I want to be a firefighter, but I am not sure what the best and fastest way for my to reach this goal. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forums! There have been a great many discussions on this topic here, and a search will probably reveal them (if someone doesn't provide the multiple links!).

    A couple questions come to mind. Are you on a department right now? That is to say, are you already a firefighter? Do you have any experience? What's your history with the fire service, or is this something new?

    A basic thought that I can give would be that obtaining some education (such as EMS) can get you (1) experience and (2) a foundation from which you can build your career. Realize that the road to paramedic is longer than some people think. You're not going zero to hero in a couple years unless you're bringing a lot of experience to a paramedic program. And while I agree with CaptBob about Paramedic being a great asset in hiring, I wholeheartedly advocate going the Paramedic route ONLY if you're interested in being a paramedic.
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    Yes, get your EMT and paramedic. But, test too, so you get the experience.

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    You should try to take any fire exam you can while you are in both EMT and Paramedic school. You will gain valuable insight into the testing process during this time. It will also give you some idea what testing subjects you are weak in so you can make improvements in that area.

    Good luck!!!!

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