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    Default Unplanned live fire

    I think you guys are jumping to conclusions when you might not know all the facts. From what I know here are the facts. The training was per planned at least a month in advance. The night of the training all that was involved met and went over the entire senerio. The only thing unplanned was that the house number of the residence was not given. But they knew the exact location of the incident, and the size of fire was to remain unknown. The fire was lit from the outside of the structure because it was predetermined the structure was unsafe for any interior operations. A Pumper and tanker and EMS was at the location befor the fire was lit. All fire fighters were informed at there department prior to ignition the fire of the conditions that they would find when arriving on scene and the duties they were to perform. It was made clear that there would be no interior attacks made on the fire. All fire fighting opertions would be conducted from a safe distance. No one was within 25 feet of the burning structure. All fire fighters and personal involved in the operations had at least 5 years of experience with the department. Only 1 rookie was involved and his assignment was to drag hose. Full PPE was worn on scene. All EPA and enviormental forms were complete and in hand and a burn date was assigned. A instructor was on site along with a safety officer. The ICS was in full operation befor any ignition took place. As was discussed in the preplanning of the burn the main objective was as follows. Pumper and tanker operation, deck gun operations hose nozzle and appliance all to be done from a safe distance and with safety in mind. From what I seen all there objectives were met and in a safe manner. As you are aware we can find fault in just about every incident and sometimes we are quick to judge, but I believe this was done all in good taste.

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    Was NFPA 1403 followed?

    To paraphrase Star*kist spokesman Charlie the Tuna..

    We don't want training burns with good taste, we want training burns that follow NFPA 1403 and are safe and taste good!
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    All fire fighters and personal involved in the operations had at least 5 years of experience with the department. Only 1 rookie was involved and his assignment was to drag hose.
    So if thats true then why did the story sent in say this

    It was designed to use our less experienced firemen in this scenario. The plan was to subject them to a hot call and have them work under stress and pressure, They were not aware of the situation

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    Default Re: Unplanned live fire

    Originally posted by wimp1017
    From what I know here are the facts.
    First...please visit this link to the ongoing thread.
    Unplanned Live Fire Training

    1. Were you there?
    2. If not, where did you get these facts?
    3. Why do your facts differ from the article at Firehouse.com?
    4. A post by someone at the scene (honeybun)said the fire got bigger than they intended...sooner than they intended. Is that a fact?

    Was NFPA 1403 followed? Yes or No?
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