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    Default Help is needed again.

    Please read this email from IFSA President Michael Figolah. It will fully explain how our legislators have been misled. You can be sure we will have more children become eligible to attend our burn camp as a result of this vote today. It is of grave importance that the Governor's office hears our voice against his signing HB1000. Please take a moment to update yourself on this issue and be sure to make your calls today.

    Thank you,
    Mary Werderitch
    IFSA Executive Director
    Thanks for all of calls to action in regards to HB1000. We appreciate everyone's efforts. Now comes the really hard work.

    Today HB 1000 Amendment #1 passed the House by one vote. It will now go to the Governor for his signature. Last year the Governor stated that he would not sign any legislation that lessened the regulation of fireworks that could hurt innocent children. We have an opportunity to keep this fireworks legislation from becoming a reality if we call the Governor's office and let them know we oppose HB 1000. I feel confident that if each department and fire service organization placed a call we may be able to influence the Governor to not sign the bill into law.

    Here is the legislation link http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/full...Sess=&Session=

    You can call the Governor's office to voice your opposition at (217) 782-0244.

    Some legislators feel they have been mislead and even lied to by the fire service. They have been told by some of their fellow-legislators that the OSFM and fire service promised to work in rule making to address the concerns of class C distributors (Bethany Fireworks) and did not do so. I have heard Mr. Swaim tell that to the legislators in the House and Senate during committee hearings. Let me assure you and the legislators that the OSFM and fire service representatives met at least 6 times with Bob Swaim, Jack Scott Jr. & Jack Scott Sr. to discuss their issues. In fact the OSFM traveled to their place of business to meet with Bethany. In each and every meeting these individuals were confrontational, disruptive and uncooperative, but we still attempted to work with them. We met with them until we were notified by the BATF that they were convicted felons and that there lobbyist that was clearly representing Bethany wasn't even registered as a lobbyist. The legislators are right - someone is lying!

    You can be sure that there will be more fireworks legislation because I believe it is their intention to continue to push for the legalization of class C fireworks - an inch at a time.

    We also have to talk to our legislators and reassure them that we have not, nor would we jeopardize our relationship by misleading them.

    Mike Figolah
    Fire Chief, Mount Prospect Fire Department
    President, IFSA

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    911 N. Sycamore St. Yep, that's really our address.


    Not sure if this refers to Class C fireworks or not.

    Thanks as always to Juli Heminghous at OSFM for getting the word out on everything that is happening in Springfield. I feel much better connected and informed thanks to her dispatches.

    A big, sarcastic "Thanks a lot, Rod," to the governor, who cares more about tax revenue than safety and bleeding, burned children in our emergency rooms. I hope he writes a nice, big, fat check to the IFSA Burn Camp. They're gonna need more funding....

    Bill No.: SB 1821
    An Act Concerning: Regulation
    Description: Creates a process for the public to purchase and explode consumer fireworks. Provides minimum training and permit requirements for a person to purchase and explode consumer fireworks. Maintains that the Office of the State Fire Marshal will regulate large outdoor fireworks and indoor fireworks displays. Provides that automatic sprinkler systems are required in any building where indoor fireworks will be used. Requires the Office of the State Fire Marshal to maintain a list of approved consumer fireworks and update the list annually or as new consumer fireworks items are submitted by consumer distributors.
    Action: Approved
    Effective Date: January 1, 2006
    When is election day?
    Omnis Cedo Domus


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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybird210

    When is election day?
    Not soon enough. Of course, the democrats were having a love fest for Rod at the state fair.

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