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    Question NC laws?????????

    Is there a website that i can look at laws regarding the operation of a fire Dept. in North Carolina?

    We are a NO Tax (donation only) Department and would like to stay that way. But 1 member of the Community feels that we are not doing a good enough job. Of course he can't explain what we are not doing good at. He wants us on taxes fer some reason.

    Dang....we just got the FEMA grant and are gettin a new pumper you would think the Community would be happy.

    It is times like this and people like this that make a Volunteer question why they spend so much time away from there familys to help people and not even be appreciated

    any views expressed are mine and not Necessarily that of my fire department or any other members!!!
    Still Proud to be Community Supported

    Each firefighter is also a member of the community........so it is ok for us to have an Opinion.....Heck we work for FREE

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    Default NC laws

    there are two resources that i can refer you to,
    the best one is the nc fire protection law book,
    it is avaliable from the institute of goverment in chapel hill,
    the other is local fire marshal or nc doi...goodluck

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    Check out the NC General Statutes. They give you all North Carolina laws. They will tell you how a non-profit agency (such as a volunter Fire Department) should be run. It will also tell about traffic laws when it comes to running emergency calls.

    The website is:


    Check out my website for training information for upcoming events:


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