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    Cool Elevator Tactics

    Our department has recently gotten an influx of new construction, most of which is coming with elevators. Believe it or not, this is something new for my city. We have, at the most, two elevators right now. In the next year, that number should rise to about 12. Unfortunately, we have no set strategy for elevator rescues, fires in shafts, etc. Does anybody have any suggestions for good training materials, or does anybody have thier SOPs online that have a section dedicated toward elevators? I know that I will probably get two or three responses telling me to contact the elevator companies, but I was hoping to get some input here first.

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    First, try searching the forums for any topics on elevator rescues or elevator SOPs.

    One of the companies that I run with has been experiencing a lot of elevator rescues lately at a local hotel. From current and past experience, I usually take a set of irons, handlight, and a section of at least 150' of work rope. The rest of the crew brings additional lights, a tool box, and wedges for the doors. I would recommend that the power to elevator(s) in question be locked/tagged out by a member of your company with maintenance. Remember with maintenance, there can be more than one key.

    Lucky, in all of instances, we never had to set up any rope systems. A good thing to consider is a lil giant ladder. This way you do not have to drag a long ladder in for an elevator stuck between the a floor and close to the landing. Remember each situation may not be the same, so size up is important. Also, we only resquest EMS if the individual(s) in the elevator need it or we know that the someone is in trouble.

    Other items that may be needed, air chisel, spreader, extension ladders, etc.

    Finally, see if your company can arrange a train session with the elevator company prior to the opening of the building may be extremely helpful. This way you are not interfering with the general population and the rep from the elevator company could probably provide you with more information than maintenance.

    Good luck.

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    Try searching the back issue archives at the Fire Engineering web site.
    They have several good articles covering issues with elevators


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    Default elevator operations

    Elevator Use

    Get familiar with the elevators in your response area. Have a general idea how they work before you respond to an incident. There are many types and have similar functions but the all seem to have some difference in operation.

    Under fire conditions have some guidelines as to when you would use the elevator for example:

    Is it safe to use
    Is the carís operation affected by the smoke and heat from the fire?
    Is it equipped with phase 1&2 fire service/if not should it be used?
    For a fire below a designated floor (6, 7, 8) you may want to use the stairs.
    Should you go below grade?

    Assign a firefighter to the cars in operation ĎThat firefighter should be equipped with all PPE, portable radio and a forcible entry tool.


    Determine if there is an immediate danger.
    We donít always have to force shaft way and car doors and physically remove the victims.
    Try recalling the car/phase 1.
    If there is no life threat wait for the elevator mechanic. Let the trapped persons know help is here.

    These are only some basic considerations; high rise resources should cover the subject. Iíd be surprised if there isnít a manual or text that deals specifically with elevator operations somewhere out there in the world of firefighting. I could give you more specific info and possibly copies of our SOGís, give me an e-mail.

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