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    Question Winter preparedness

    Hi Everyone; With the weatherman calling for Blizzard conditions today it got me thinking. Has your community/town/city gotten wiser with regard to weather conditions? ie: fire safety, winter driving etc?
    I have been thinking more about this lately as I use to go to bed in my "long johns" ready for the inevitable calls. Lately, it seems to be unnecessary; people are becoming wiser and the calls seem to be fewer.

    How about your area?

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    BRRRR! Im at work - long johns are on, gloves and toque are in my locker ready for the PR calls. Local radio has been telling people to be prepared, skin freezes in 30 seconds and stuff. As for people generally stay inside so less traffic - CO calls go up, Chimneys are puffing - potential is always there.
    Stay Warm - chinook is coming on monday

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