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    Default Uniform Question

    Can anyone give me some insight into the work uniform of FDNY, pants, shirts, polos, jackets etc etc... I'm trying to establish new uniform policies for my department... or anyone else who wants to weigh in I'll be happy to here suggestions...

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    Default Uniforms

    I'm a fan of the 5.11 Tactical pants and shirts. They have proven to stand up to abuse in and around the firehouse.

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    Here in Fairfax County, we wear Workrite Nomex pants and polo-type, or button down shirts as our daily uniform.
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    We use the "Standard" Dark Blue Pants and Shirt that seem to be everywhere. Some departments are trying to put plenty of distance between Fire/Rescue uniforms and Law Enforcement type apparel. I'm not. Like it or not, we're in the Public Safety business, a place where a bit of authoritarian appearance is required. I've seen a couple of fairly large "Metro Area" type organizations go from older style "Public Safety" uniforms to a "Slacks and Golf Shirt" style, only to revert to their former uniforms because the public didn't connect with the changed appearance of the Department. Lot of resources wasted when that happens. IMHO, There is a certain "Look" about people in our line of work, (Paid or unpaid) and we should maintain that image. Finally, I've heard the "You don't want to look like a Cop, you'll get shot" arguements, to which I reply "BULL****" We're in an area where nice people are sometimes totally absent from the scene, and we have no problems. To anyone who desires to implement a plan to change, I wish you luck, you'll get a LOT of input, desired or not.
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    Default Don't get

    a button up dress shirt, takes to long to put on, get a pull over like a polo or some call it a golf shirt. They are cheaper too I think.

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    We recently switched from a "dress style" duty shirt to a golf style due to the fact that replacing the dress shirts due to dirt and damage from fires and maintanence chores became too expensive. They are still used if we have do a program or presentation in the public view. Pants are dark blue and are either a 2 pocket style or an EMS style, and that is the members choice.

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    We have a little flexibilty with our uniforms. Daily uniforms are the dark blue department Tshirts with your choice of dark blue straight-leg/EMS style/BDU pants and black steel-toe boots. The button down shirt is worn whenever in the public eye but not on a run. (ie. demo's, pre-plans...grocery store etc.) When it gets cold we have the option of the dept. sweatshirt and/or jacket.

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