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    Default bed in a what?

    Boring post i know but looking for help, Anyone have information on what their station uses as sheets for bunks.

    We are looking at purchasing bed in a bags but are looking for cheaper sets of them, Anyone have more information?


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    Default SANDPAPER!

    If you want quality, you have to pay for it. I think every station I have ever overnighted in, has those typical, standard hospital sheets that are so abrasive I have seen them used to sand down tools after a job. Most of us bring in our own sheets that we keep in our lockers- and it's fun, too......One guy has 101 Dalmatians, someone has Scooby Doo, there is a set of Felix The Cat sheets, I myself have a full set (fitted sheet, cover sheet, pillow cases and a quilt) of a kids firefighter theme. Do yourself a favor- pay a little more and get quality, or save the money and have guys bring in their own sheets! Just my opinion!
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