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    Default death of a reserve system

    on 1,1,05 the city of concord fire department closed it's reserve firefighter program. after tens years of non paid people training with the city and working from city stations the retirement of one traning officer has let the program be shut down.
    in talks with the chief and 2 bc reasons from cost of the training to i.s.o. ratings have been given, the 20 man ( member level went up and down a bit at times) trained to a firefighter 2 level and rode with companies city wide working side by side with full time crews.
    at last years i.s.o. rating reserve members filled vacant spots on trucks to keep the i.s.o. happy. the city was given a new rating of a 2 from a 4.
    the now closed program gave the city much needed manpower when needed.
    if your department has had a program has had a program like this please let me know,
    thanks bill

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    It's unfortuante Bill that such a program had to go by the wayside but I have seen it before. In Burlington, VT a few years ago the union was able to convince the city that a reserve firefighter force was no longer needed even though 3 of the 5 engines ran with only 2 paid firefighters and the truck sompany often ran with just a driver, as the 2nd man was often detailed out to cover a gap elsewhere. I am sure that the union will now attempt to use it as leverage to get more paid personnel, which, based on your post probably were not necessary as the reserve personnel seemed to have cover that need.
    Thats all I'll say .. but I am sure ya know what I am thinking.

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