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    Question Web Hosting Discount?


    Does anyone know of a reliable web hosting provider that maybe offers public safety discounts of some kind? We need a large amount of e-mail accounts if that matters, and FrontPage support.


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    Yahoo/Geocities: $8.95/month & $15 for a domain name. They had mine set up within 2 hours.

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    Default NGhosting

    My squad has been using Next Generation Hosting as our webhoster for years. their prices for public safety agencies can be found here:

    In all the years we've used them, I've never seen the site down, and the support is great. They are also willing to install applications or do anything you need at no extra cost.

    their support also responds to anything within the hour, which is something you don't get with geocities. they also give unlimited emails and they provide frontpage support, which you said you needed.

    Their CEO is a former volunteer EMT, so as long as you work in public safety, you get 25% off (for a personal site), and department websites get a 35% discount of the regular prices.

    sorry if this post sounds like an ad, but we use them, and I figured if they can be as good to you as they have been to us, why not make your search a little easier?
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    Thanks for your replies - I'll be giving nghosting a try sometime next week - the deal is awesome, and if they are half as good as you say they are, then great. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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