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    Question Got A Interview then nothing

    I had a Chiefs interview with this department, they know me there I have worked mutual aid with there department with a differnt department, I made the list to be hired then I hear that I didn't get hired. My Ex- Chief was recently fired from the department I worked mutual Aid with and now is trying out for a BC with the same department Im trying out for a firefighter. Do you think she would backstab me so I would get hired? I have 6 years experance I have worked with majority of there personnel on fires and EMS calls, why would you think I didn't get the call.

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    Default Volunteer to Paid ????

    Do you think she would backstab me so I would get hired?
    Do you have any reason to believe she would? It's probably more of a case where you didn't do good enough in your interview.

    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there not after you."

    why would you think I didn't get the call.
    I'm often asked this question:
    Do you have to go through all this preparation and auditioning stuff if youíre going to an interview as a volunteer going for a paid position, or a promotional interview, and you already know the guys there?

    The biggest mistake job interview candidates make in this situation is when they know people on the panel; they donít think they donít need to do all the work. They figure everybody already knows about them, and they donít have to say anything. Or, entry level, ďItís on my resume, itís on my application, and I donít have to say everything.Ē If it doesnít come out of that slot between your nose and your chin (your mouth), you donít get credit. You might as well have never have shown up. This is how important it is to be auditioning for the part. You play your part no matter whoís sitting there.

    I canít tell you how many times Iíve talked to volunteers from departments they have desired to work for. Theyíve waited for years trying for that golden opportunity to get hired in that community as a full-paid fire fighter. Then they blow it. Because they went in and saw Paul was on the board. He knows Paul, they bowl together. Randy over there, why heís married to Randyís cousin. My gosh, he knows everything about me. They come out, and somebody else gets their badge! Itís devastating. They failed because they didnít present the package. The other candidates did. Itís show time, ta dah! You have to bring out the top hat, the cane, step it out, and give the board the complete show. Itís you! Itís the bright lights. Itís Broadway! You gotta make it happen. You gotta make the magic.

    When I said this at a recent firefighters convention, Dan shared the following:
    . . . I went through exactly through what heís talking about at a promotion in my department for the position of lieutenant. I knew all the people on the board including a division chief. I was thinking, ďGeez, Iíve known these guys for 16 years. And, I donít have to say anything, they know me.Ē During my critique afterwards, the division chief said, ďYou know, Dan, youíve got so much going for you, but you didnít blow your own horn. If you would have blown your own horn, you would have said all the things that you got going for you, youíd have had it. Since you didnít say a word, and I canít give you the badge.Ē If you donít say it, you donít get credit for it, period.

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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