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    Default Paramedic training a must?

    Hey guys,

    Lemme explain my situation real quick. I am a 3rd year at UCLA studying psych. I have the option of graduating early in 3 years and a quarter, or 4 years.

    I have my EMT, worked ski patrol and on an ambulance. I will be attending Fire academy this upcoming Fall quarter. My question is:

    With an EMT, ambulance experience, ski patrol experience, and fire academy, will i be a good candidate? Or do i need to go for an EMT-P to be a worthy candidate in California (norcal)?



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    Default Medic or not?


    The value of gaining your 4 year degree was discussed recently here:

    With an EMT, ambulance experience, ski patrol experience, and fire academy, will i be a good candidate? Or do i need to go for an EMT-P to be a worthy candidate in California (norcal)?
    Having an academy under your belt will certainly give you a hands on to prepare for what you will encounter once youíre hired. There is an army of candidates with out there with education, experience, degrees, certificates, yada, yada, yada and every merit badge you can imagine that are chasing a fire job.

    Where can you take more tests? For every firefighter job there are up to 800 candidates chasing it. For every fire medic there are up to 20 chasing the job. Which odds do you like better? Fire/medics are currently 80% of the job offerings in norcal.

    If you donít have the interest or desire, you should not become a medic just to get a fire job. You have some ambulance street time that should have helped you decide if you really do. That street time is an asset going into medic school. I talked to a medic who is doing an internship with a candidate I know. I asked him how heís doing? He said heís a little slow because he didnít have any experience before he went into medic school (no EMT ambulance street time).

    If you decide to pursue becoming a medic, you just donít show up. You need some pre-requisites and classes only start a couple of times a year. You might be able to complete your academy before you enter medic school.

    One of the big problems getting through medic school is getting your internship/didactic ride. It can take up to 6 months. Many schools tell candidate it will be no problem then wait up to 6 months. NCTI medic school is owned by AMR Ambulance. If you attend NCTI youíre pretty much guaranteed your ride. http://www.ncti-online.com

    For a complete list of California Schools, check out the CA EMSA website at http://www.emsa.ca.gov/para/approved_trng_progs.xls

    There is one thing harder than becoming a new firefighter. That's becoming a new firefighter and new medic at the same time.

    With all this said, the real secret in getting a firefighter job is learning how to take an interview. If you can't present your stuff in the interview, you don't get the j o b!

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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