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    Default Grants and Gear for EMS

    Hello everyone,

    My FD is brand new to extrication. A local rescue squad from our neighboring county was providing Extrication however our FD decided it was in the best interest to do extrication. My questions are 1) what are some good grants that my dept. can apply for to get tools,apparatus, gear or money for cribbing. 2) What kind of extrication gear does your EMS agency wear for extrication and how do you enforce it. We have a county Paramedic truck and a local volly squad that comes out for EMS and we know they have never worn turnouts before on a pin in. What are some ways to enforce this with the county unit and local squad without causing a big fuss. Thanks in advance.

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    Grants - no idea other than trying Fire Act.

    Cribbing, go to your local lumber yard and ask them for donations of lumber. Any house construction projects in the area - you can get some left over pieces from there. Wood is good.

    As for the gear, do they need full PPE while inside a car attending the patient? Tell them why. There is a thread on the forums about an injury someone received due to a fluid leak in a hydraulic tool hose. It's an interesting read. Person was hurt and was wearing PPE - don't want to think how much worse it would have been otherwise.

    Who is "in charge" at the scene? Have that agency make up a set of guidelines, if not followed, they are removed from the scene. Provide some old sets of gear to the EMS squad to help offset any costs.
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    Local grants work. For us Texas Dept of Health can provide grants for Jaws, Texas Forestary Service does as well. Local groups that like to give out money for good causes work also. Look around your area and state, there is money out there. Also ask people in your community, some might be looking for a tax write off.
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