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    Default What happens If?

    I am hopefully going to be getting started in a 1 yr Paramedic class. (a couple of hurdles to get over yet) but if I get in this class it will cost me $1800. I am also starting to test at various Depts and I want to continue to do so. My problem is what happens if I get an offer for a position. I do not want to throw away the money because I really want to be a paramedic just as soon as I can. But I don't want to be known for turning down offers. Has anyone ever been through this before? Is it possible to delay the acceptance of a job or just get moved back on the list? If I choose to finish the course have departments ever allowed you to defer your place on the list?
    I want to go ahead and start this class because I also know that I could wait for a couple of years before being offered a job. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    My problem is what happens if I get an offer for a position.
    You can certainly make that decision when it happens. Is your goal to become a firefighter? Many aspiring candidates go to medic school to gain their fire job. Itís not uncommon for them to get a job offer while in medic school. Some departments will allow them to pass on the list to let them complete their certification. Some medic schools will allow them to pick up their studies where they left off after their fire probation with the department picking up the bill. Some medic schools will give a refund for the unused portion of the program.

    Although $1800 seems like a lot of money (must be a college program) itís not compared to the $8,000+ for private medic schools. Not a big investment in gaining a career.

    Understand with college programs they get 250+ applications for around 35 slots. If you're not sellected you have lost up to a year. With a private company you pays your money, get through to your certification and your done. For most, becoming a medic will be the toughest thing they will do.

    The week my son was to register for medic school he got a job offer. Given the option he said, ďIíll take the job offer thank you.Ē

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

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