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    Well I enroll for benefits for my first career fire position Friday. I was wondering what is the normal benefits a firefighter can expect from a large city. I have a wife and son who cost me $450.00 (old job) a month now for medical insurance right now. I hear that the benefits we get are good but never got that in detail.

    Do many Departments cover spouse, a portion of children etc? Do these usually start day one of the academy or 60-90 days?

    Any info would be appreciated, but I guess I could always wait.

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    Here, (Southaven MS) coverage starts after 30 days. Insurance is prepaid for a month, so money comes out first check and coverage takes effect after the second check, when the premium for one month is paid. Our insurance isn't the greatest and cost 330.00 a month for family.

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    In Syracuse, family coverage is $25 per month. Doctors visit is $15 co-pay,Rx is $5 generic/$10 name brand co-pay.Coverage starts your first day.

    Check with the Union rep.Stop at the Union office and ask,maybe even get a copy of the contract.Ask when the Union meetings are and go.Ask when you can expect Union representation also.Doesn't happen on the first day in a lot of Cities.

    Congrats and good luck to you.

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