Assessment centers are finding their way into entry level testing. The following is from a candidate who just had an entry-level assessment center:

Q. The next step in the process is the Assessment Center and I have not run across that one before. My understanding is it will be me and 39 other candidates working together on role-play with real issues. Any insight would be appreciated.

CB. The assessment center is usually what you would find in a promotional test. Try to find out the segments they are going to use and we can go from there.

MD. In the pamphlet they gave me it states. Assessment Center: Oral Presentation, Situational Presentation, Background Review, Short Scenarios and must pass with a score of 75% or higher. In another sheet they gave it says. The Assessment Center is a testing process that evaluates the ability to perform specific job-related skills and behaviors, which are essential of a firefighter. The Assessment Center includes and oral presentation, situational presentation, and short scenarios, which serve to identify candidates, who possess successful behavior and attitudes that are compatible with the Fire Department's Philosophy.

CB. I've attached some promotional tips to help you prepare for the assessment center. It should have many of the skills you need. Let me know how it works out.

Follow up: Hi Captain Bob, My assessment center went really well. It consisted of a 5-minute presentation in front of two people, which I did on smoke alarms. Also, myself and 7 other candidates worked as a team on a Lego building exercise. My third task was a role-play with an assessor and he was a business owner and I was a FF doing an inspection. It couldn't have gone better. Thank you for the promo information. I should hear back in a week if I make it to the Police and Fire Commission Interview.

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