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    Question "Jr. Firefighters"

    I know I mentioned this a month or so ago, but I would like your (departments) philosophy on under 18 year olds responding on apparatus to calls. Do it or no!? and why? Thanks & Be Safe

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    Talk to your insurance provider.
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    In my Dept. you can respond on any apparatus, you just cannot go into the building, or at least you're not supposed to. They are still useful outside of a fire, if not inside should it be needed. They can get tools, refill bottles, assist in rehab, collect tags, do hot bottle changes, put up ladders, etc...

    Obviously if there is one seat left on an engine and the choice is between another interior or an apprentice, you would take the green tag. But in general, unless insurance says otherwise, can't see why you wouldn't let them ride in. Otherwise, what's the point of them being in the Dept.?

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    We are a very small department. Out rule with Jrs is that they can only respond if a parent goes with them. Since their parents are on the department anyways. They can ride the truck. But there is only one close enough to catch a truck and thats the chiefs son.. He doesn't like the Tank Truck Sandwich we make.

    But by state law in it self I believe it says that Jr's are not to go on call at all. Could be wrong.
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    Default Our Explorers ride

    Our explorers or Jr. Firefighters can ride the engines, just not the first due. They have to wait for a second engine or go in our utility truck.

    They are useful, but as an officer, it is just one more responsibility that we now have to deal with, children at the fire scene. Yes, they are typically at least 16 years old, but they are still children that need to be looked after.

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    In my department Juniors (16-18) can ride the hydrent position on the pumper. After the hydrent is charged they are the operators go-fur. On rescue calls they crib the vehicle, break glass and go-fur tools.

    Only one Jr per aperatous. They can be bumped at any time by a Senior/Interior fire fighter.

    Our Rookies operate by simular rules untill off probation and compleate minimum state training.

    Hope this helps

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