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    Default need help finding Dr. Burton Clark's (never mind)

    On 1-20-05 firehouse had a live conection training with Dr. Clark and his "win to call mayday" I have herd him speak at the National Fire Academy and wanted to hear his archized speach as I was not on duty on the 20th.

    So saying all that, Can anyone Tell me how to find it, I have clicked on every link on firehouses home page and just can not find it. I'm sure they have it somewere as I have wached all the live trainings just never live

    PS I found it! aprently its not archived yet but to get to any/all of the others its right under the main "new PIC's" on the right hand side yellow righting "view TrainingLive events" some good stuff in there for those of you who have not watched any of thim.

    I keep tring to get there from the links on the left of the home page and you just cant get there from there
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