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Thread: Bunker Gear

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    Default V-Force

    There is nothing more comfortable than V-Force. We had MP and put it on the Shelf. We were getting tired of repairing the Crotch and Trim on the gear. I have done alot of research and Janesville is the best on the market.

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    YMMV, but I had the Bristol gear at the career dept. I worked for. Meets NFPA and the more rigorours EU standards (ignore the recent Boston LODD info, mass media....) Held up well and it felt like you were wearing a warmup suit, that's how comfortable and easy to move in it was. Never felt too hot compared to other stuff in a fire and much less taxing to work in. The downside is $$ and delivery time. Each set is completely custom tailored so it takes a bit longer. Also, I've always liked Globe stuff. Obviously for many places money is an issue, so these are recommendations for the more fiscally endowed depts.!!!

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