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    Question TIC handline positions

    I was wondering from other officers, where do you assign the TIC on your handline. Do you keep it ahead of the nozzleman, behind him, do you assign it to your 2 position or what, just curious. Weve recently gotten 3 MSA 4000 and have very large houses, so just wondering what seems to work best. I certainly feel like I should have it when I walk around the structure though. Thanks

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    Officer has the TIC. Nozzleman and backup are on hose. Officer can jump ahead, evaluate the nozzle operation, direct their operations, etc.
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    I agree, the Officer should have the TIC behind the nozzle and if you have the luxury of not having to be the back-up on the line you can move around with it. Usually on my dept on a typical house fire the TICs are only used for search by the trucks and squad. Although, the last large commercial fire I was on was a metal deck fire and we used the TIC to great effect. You could see the fire stream in the camera from it being cooler than the atmosphere and you could direct the nozzleman were to direct the stream through the use of the TIC.

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    Default Back up position

    In my department the TIC is used by the back up position. The back up will normaly perform search and rescue once the line is in place and fire attack has started.


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