My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of our departed brothers. Let their deaths not be in vain. Let us all learn from this. We all need to be carrying a PERSONAL escape rope. A length of 25 feet or so is wonderful. If you can carry more, great. One of the brothers that made the same window and fall as the two departed found a mesh net, lowered himself 15 feet, and then dropped. He is still with us. This isn't to say that a personal escape rope would have saved the other two, but it would have given them a better chance.

Be safe out there.

We love the FDNY and all of our other brothers around the world.
It has been an awful month around the country for LODDs. Lets make February better than January. And lets make 2005 better than 2004.
As my Chief told us this New Year's Day, "May your best day of 2004, be your worst day of 2005."