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    Default 05 Grant Pumper Tanker for Rural VFD

    First time trying for a stucture apparatus. I am looking for any insight, examples, narratives and information I can get on a pumper tanker for a rural VFD.

    Budget of VFD is 30-40 thousand, 730 square mile district, critial infrastucture (large pipelines feeding national system), rural community just under 1000 people, Zero hydrants, 5-10 structure fires a year, 10-20 vehicle fires a year, 30-75 wildfires a year (varies with drought/weather), assisting in rescue with other county VFD, assiting in EMS with county EMS Voly crew.

    They are estimating that the Pumper Tanker they are looking for would run about 250-260 thousand, but those are 04 numbers, I will have to get 05 and I expect a jump in price, at least a bit.

    It would replace a 1980 Piece 1000/1000 that has a shot pump/failed pump test/rotted out tank/exposed crew area/some other problems. It would cost more to fix this pumper then its worth and more then the matching money (saved up by the way) for the grant.

    They want to specificaly go with a Foam Dragon with 2500 gallon tank and 1500 gpm pump. This would cover all of their pumper needs and greatly expand their available water supply to rural fires of all types.

    Does anybody have a narrative that might help?

    How much is allowed for such an apparatus?

    The Foam Dragon is a remanufactured unit, does that make a difference?

    About how much should be included for factory visits/checkups, transportation, etc...

    Can any funding be added in for "general equipment", IE SCBAs, hose, nozzles, etc...

    Thanks so much!
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    The amount isn't limited if there is good reasoning for the apparatus to cost that much. $225K in matching was the limit for plain Class A Custom Pumpers, so a behemouth like that Foam Dragon would probably be allowed to cost more, although from their ads I can't see it being that much.

    Remanufactured for low call volume departments = good cost-benefit.

    Include factory visits paid for by the manufacturer in the price of the truck. That way it doesn't show as "Other" costs. Make at least 3 visits in my opinion: research & order signing, mid-contruction, and delivery.

    General equipment can be included, I can't remember any specifics or limits.

    Check your post: there's the core of a good narrative in it.

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