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    Question hiring info

    First off my name is Jason. Im trying to get into seasonal firefighting. Im taking classes right now that will give me S130 S190 and S290. Unfortunately, the classes won't be completed until april so I won't be able to put certifications on an app. Im in Reno, Nevada. Does anyone know of any hand crews or engine crews that hire with out experience or any privately contracted seasonal companies in the area? I've applied to NDF and a couple of FS locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jason

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    Don't really worry aboutt he training. Most contractors will put you through training. FS and BLM etc. will definatly put you through their training.

    As far as companies. I'm in Nevada as well and I would stay away from a company who's initals are PW. They talk a great game, but thats all it is, is talk. Let alone, they don't get called that much.

    If you want an upstanding all out great company. Look at Northtree fire. They have a website. With that company, their reputation precedes them and you will never have to worry about a payroll check bouncing.

    Other than that, do an internet search on engine contracts and see who is out there. Good luck and stay safe.

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    The most important thing to get hired is to make personal contact(in person or phone call(s)) to the supervisor of the crew you want to join. All of the applications for Fed jobs(USFS and BLM) are now computerized either on the Avue site or the DOI-FIRE(Quickhire)site so personal contact is very important so the sup will remember your name when he/she is going over all of the apps.
    Secondly, I was hired on a handcrew with the Forest Service last season with no fire experience at all so do not be discouraged about no having your certs done yet.

    Also, do you strictly want to fight fires in Nevada or are you willing to relocate(for the summer) to a different area? It broadens your chances of getting a job if you keep your mind open to every possible opportunity. MAny FS locations and to a lesser degree BLM offer housing for seasonal firefighters.
    Remember, that finding that first fire job is the toughest, keep plugging away.

    Email me if you want some more info, ie: FS crew contact #'s , etc.

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    Post BLM looking for a few good firefighters

    TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) - It seems like the last fire season just
    ended, but the Bureau of Land Management in Twin Falls is already
    hiring temporary wildland firefighters for the summer of 2007.
    It's accepting applications until January 31st.
    Only on-line applications will be accepted.
    The federal agency says it's looking for young people who are
    interested in rigorous outdoor work, have excellent characters and
    work ethic - and want to earn a good wage.
    Apply at

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