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Thread: CAF or not

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    Question CAF or not

    I am on a Volenteer Dept. We are currently looking into buying a new Truck. One big question among the dept. is CAF system or Not?

    Our Department consists of One pumper with 1000gal on board, one 1000 gal Tanker, and two 500 gallon squads. We are currently looking at buying a 75' Quint.
    As a dept. we run an average of about 70 fire calls a year. With 80% being grass fires. On every structure fire we have had, we have always had a problem with water. In our district we have a total of three hydrants all flowing around five to eight hundred gpm. With only one tanker carring 1000 gal. Water shuttle from one of the three hydrants is not highly efficient. Currently we are thinking of ordering this new quint with the CAF system to perhaps help us in are water problem. Would This Help? We are planning on keeping are pumper for a means of an extra 1000 gal. and to help keep the quint supplied with water.
    The quints we have looked at with the CAF system built in can hold a maximum of 500 gal would this be efficient. What is the CAF ratio over Water? Will CAF help our DEPT.?

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    CAFS pumps work very well. Do a search for compressed air foam systems. There is all the info you need in the archives.

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    If water is a problem then I would think CAFS would be something to look at.
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    Do a search for CAFS or Compressed Air Foam Systems. It will yield tons and tons of information.

    We decided to go with CAFS on our new rescue-pumper.

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    I've been working with CAFS for more than twenty years, I've seen some good ones and bad ones.

    In my opinion, when CAFS is built into the engine it becomes a very complex system. It will require special training and fire fighters that are willing to accept changes. There will be many who complain and even some that will sabatage the equipment, but if you get past these problems you will open up a whole new world of fire fighting.

    You might consider a simple CAFS produced by adding a chemical injector and foam tank to an INDUSTRIAL COMPRESSOR instead of a highly complex custom engineered pumper or engine fitted unit.

    The Joshua VFD uses a standard 185 cfm Sullair trailer unit towed to the scene with either the squad, the brush truck or the command vehicle.

    When on scene, any pumper there can connect a 1.5 water hose to the Compressor and the Sullair unit provides the CAFS output to two 1.75 hoses with an adjustable expansion ratio producing up to 1,383 gallons of foam per minute. Your 1,000 gallon tanker could produce 20,000 gallons of CAFS foam. Your 300 gallon brush truck could produce 6,000 gallons of foam and NIST has compared a gallon of CAFS foam to a gallon of water in fire tests, and the foam is up to twenty times more efficient than water.
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    For a CAFS pump, or a custom pumper, go to: http://www.snuffer.com
    They have a good product.

    For a stored energy unit go to : http://www.airkwik.com
    My dept. will take delivery of one of the latter's product in about one week.

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