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    Default Getting Hired at local FD

    Im 17 and i turn 18 in a couple days. IM also abuot to graduate High school and looking to turn fire fighting into a full time carrer/ I should still go to college and i had wondered if i coudl get hired if i coudl have a deal worked out where one days that i was not at college that i could work. also does anyoen have any tips on getting hired at a fire hall? Any one please respond and help me out. I really want to make this carrer work.

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    Thumbs up A few suggestions

    1. Study, Study, Study....Everything you can about the Fireservice. Practice what you study.

    2. Don't try and rush into this career....You're only 17 - there's alot of time. I was 31 when I got "On the Job" after having 13 years firefighting experience as a volunteer.

    3. Remain patient....Not everyone gets hired their first few trys. -
    4. Become an EMT ...Most of what we do as Career Firefighters is EMS work.....Most Departments require EMT Training at a minimum and some require Paramedic Training.

    5. Brush up on your Janitorial Skills....lol lol I clean more at work than I do any other time.

    This job is probably the best job I've ever had...But remember it isn't for everyone. It is a physically demanding Job, Can drain you mentally {Take me for example...Slightly Larger than average belly and my co-workers tell me I'm crazy}

    But seriously....Work hard and someday it will come. Maybe not in the community you hoped like me it took 13 years and I now commute 45 miles one way to work every tour but it's well worth it.

    Good luck and oh by the way brush up on on gramer and spelling....Captains hate mis-spelled reports...lol lol

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    im with you man im 18 and im getting ready for a career asap im ffII and hazmat im putting in applcations in everyplace i can but if you cant get hired go to college as you look for a job that way if you dont find a job with just experience youll have a degree to back up your experence.

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    Get all the training that you can, but keep one thing in mind. There is no uniformity in hiring requirements. One place your training might mean a great deal, others it will mean absolutely nothing and may even be a hinderance.

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    Talking Re: A few suggestions

    Originally posted by BD6413
    Good luck and oh by the way brush up on on gramer and spelling....
    You mean grammar?

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