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    Question Program Breakdown

    Do they ever give the total number applications that were submitted in each different program.
    Vehicle 0000
    Fire Fighting Equipment 0000
    and so on..........

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    I don't know if they are posted anywhere, but the Regional Fire Specialist know the numbers. At both of the FEMA/DHS workshops I attended in the previous years, they quote the total number of apps. from the year before and the number of vehicle apps, etc.

    You could probably email or call your Regional FPS and ask them. Am sure it is a matter of public record. Their info is posted with the Workshop info on the grants support page.

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    There was a PowerPoint presentation that was made by DHS/FEMA/USFA that came out before the first round of awards was announced. I have it somewhere around here, most likely on the work PC. I'll make it available on my web site tomorrow morning since I doubt DHS still has it available.

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