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    Default Trucks?

    What does everyone have for equiptment? It took us a while but our fleet is in pretty good shape, if we build this new station someday we are going to add a brush truck to the fleet but right now the only place it would fit is on the roof

    Engine 801- 1993 International/Pierce 1250/1000 5 man cab pumper
    Engine 802- 2003 Kenworth/Pierce 1000/1300 with a 250 aux. pump
    Rescue 800- 1991 Ford/Marion heavy rescue
    Tanker 807- 2005 Kenworth/Pierce 1800 tank with a 500 pto pump

    And of course all our trucks are RED with white cabs, like they should be right CR? sorry i hang out with Ty to much

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    illinois, and finally about to start construction


    we have an 82 chevy/bean, a 77 pierce/international, a 71 chevy, and a 79 international tanker looking for a newer one if anyone cares to donate

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    check 'em out @
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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    The easiest way for me to do this is have you check out our website

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    DuBois, IL - just south of I-64 in the middle of the state


    Oh, what the heck
    2004 IH 4400, 4dr, top mount 1250 pump, 1000 poly tank (RED)
    1988 Ford F800, 2dr, top mount 750 pump, 1000 galv. steel tank (lime green)
    1973 Ford C series, 500 front mount pump, 1000 steel tank, (RED)
    1984 Ford F600 tanker, 1200 gallon, 3000 gal. porta tank (RED)
    1974 Chevy C60 tanker, 1200 gallon, 2400 gal. porta tank, PTO pump(RED)
    1997 E350 former ambulance, now rescue/truck(white w/ RED stripes)
    1980 E350 former ambulance, now rescue/truck (RED)
    1992 Ford Ranger 4X4, brush truck, 120 gal tank, 5 hp pump (RED)
    1988 Ford F250 4X4, brush truck, 225 gal tank, 8 hp pump, 2500 watt generator, 2 1000 watt quartz lights (RED)

    That's all, except for the 1960 IH front mount, mid size, 500 gal. tank (RED). It's getting retired when we get the new station done in DuBois. It's the only pumper that will fit in the present building. The green truck will replace it so I get the only green one across the street from my house. ouch!
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    We have the following:
    - 2 late 60's pumper tankers around 1000 gallons, front mount pumps. --2004 International rear mount 1000 gpm pump, 1250 gallons poly tank.
    -1998 International 2000 gallon tanker.
    -1998 or so Chevy Cheyanne light rescue. We need to rearrange it to fit all our equipment in it.
    -1960 or 70 Silverado brush truck, 250 tank and like 250 gpm pump, not real sure about those numbers.
    -soon to be arriving 2005 Ford F-250 Superduty brush truck with skid unit not sure on the numbers and i think its going to have a remote controled front discharge. pictures are available at under unit in progress. Its the Ohio Skid
    all our trucks are red of course.
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    Somewhere in Illinois


    We're northern IL, if anyone cares.

    *At the little station:

    1991 Spartan/Alexis w/1250 pump, 1000 gallon tank. Unit has full extrication set (jaws, cutters, sawzall, air tools)

    1999 Ford F-350/Monroe light rescue manpower/EMS unit/high pressure cascade and fill station

    *At another satellite station:
    1997 Spartan/Alexis, 1250 pump, 1000 gallon tank, same extrication set as above

    2003 Ford F-550/Alexis 4x4 "light" rescue w/RIT and truck co. tools, EMS unit.

    1980? Ford C/3D, 1000 pump, 1000 gallon tank, setup for rural water supply and as reserve engine (we don't have the rural land like we used to, and probably haven't used a drop tank in anger in years).

    1960s Dodge Powerwagon brush unit. Too cool, though a real challenge to operate.

    *Main station:
    1991 Spartan/Alexis w/1250 pump, 1000 gallon tank

    2002 Ford F-550/Alexis 4x4 "light" rescue w/more in depth extrication equipment setup, EMS unit

    1992 Ford F-350/Monroe (Stahl) light rescue manpower/EMS unit

    Fairly new connector boat for dive rescue

    *Coming soon
    2005 IH/General Safety 4x4 1000 PTO pump, 500 gallon water "midi" pumper, be here late this summer.

    A new engine once we figure out what the heck we want and are willing to pay for...

    We're pretty fortunate...

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    well with all our stations easier to post on each station picture to see equipment inside it.....we do not have our 7th station we just added to our district on the page yet...and station six now has a gator also...station #1 and station #2 tankers will be replaced with new ones with in a couple of months

    we also house a ground hog for the airport at station 6...they are getting bids right now for a new looks like it is gonna be a monster

    no shortage of maint. to do LOL

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