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    Default Looking For Infromation

    Anyone how can tell me where to find infromation on the the dire dangers we should be aware of when fighting vehicle fires. When the vehicles are the New Techonlolgy. Im working on my Education Methodology CLass and this is the topic that has been assigned to me. Im looking for anyplace to find this type of infromation. Thanks

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    Normally people on here will tell you to do a search, but seeing how as you are obviously blind I'll give you a helping hand - 7 threads above this one (which will probably be about 2 below it when I post this) is another thread titled "vehicle fires 101" - have a read and if the answers aren't in there then ask in there.
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    go to yahoo and search it there if you cant find what you want here

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    Default Ford Trucks

    New Ford Trucks Safety

    An article about an actual problem encountered while fighting a Ford Truck on fire.

    Also, research about the new VW's and Jeeps that have magnesium in them.

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