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    Question Tactical Rescue Team (TRT)

    The department I am on is currently underway outfitting one of our pumpers for a TRT vehicle. Anyone have any pictures of a pumper retro-fitted for TRT equipment? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Can you define Tactical Rescue?

    Are we talking care under fire... a kind of assistance to law enforcement?

    Or are we talking technical rescue? And if so, which sub-categories?
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    Technical Rescue Team:

    Natural, Man-Made & WMD Disasters
    High Angle Rescues
    Trench and Excavation Collapses
    Transportation Accidents (Vehicle, Trains, Aircraft, Etc.)
    Structural Collapse Operations
    Confined and/or Closed Space Rescue
    Industrial and Construction Accidents

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    That's lot of specialized equipment your talkin about there. I don't see how you are going to fit even half of the necessary equipment and still carry your firefighting tools on a single pumper. Do you have any other apparattus, or a trailer that can assist in carrying the majority of the bulky equipment?

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    I don't see all of that fitting on a rescue-pumper...
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    We got the pumper at a good deal, and it will not be used for primary firefighting operations. The entire back for hose is removed and gear will be retro-fitted to up there, to the sides of the truck, compartments, and even back 2 jump seats. Any suggestions and/or ideas?

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