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    Howdy, from Arkansas
    I was picked from our small RVFD to apply for grants. I am very green behind the ears at this. What I have learnd has been done by reading on the internet, and I have learnd alot the past hour or so on here. I know about the Homeland Security Grant, but are there others to apply for out there. We are only about 25 volunteers with a district of probably 1000 folks. Can someone post links or something to help out? Feel free to email me any info you wish as well. I'm sure glad I found this place. I'll probably ask lots of stupid questions.. but cut me some slack..lol. I told ya'll I was from Arkie right off the bat.

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    Hey, Zoom...
    tried to email you a few helpful links, but you have your email turned off. Send me your email to alana@yourgrantwriter.com and I'll email them to ya!

    Welcome and Good Luck.

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