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    Default Scott Nxg2 4.5 Pros-cons

    HI again,

    Well its almost time for our new Scott 4.5 NXG2 Air Packs with 45min carbon fiber bottles to arrive. I was just needing some information on them, or what to expect when they do arrive, compared to our current Air-pack 50 2.2 2216 Scott paks with carbon bottles. Are there any pros and cons and things that we as a department should know about or consider doing after they arrive. We are so hyped-up about these that we can't wait till they get here. Also, 4 of our 12 packs have the Dual-EBSS for RIT purposes.

    Feel free do post all comments based on the packs from experience or demo's. Actual, use responses would be great, but evveryone is welcome to respond.


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    Don't know of any "pros" but here a con or two.They aren't compatible with ANYTHING else bottle wise,they've got electronics issues,they are overly electronic and overcomplicated for a purpose that is neither electronic friendly nor practical.Outside of these shortcomings they probably will be great as long as they work the bugs out of them. T.C.

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    Knowing how long it took the diving industry to sort out the issues involved with using electronics in a hostile envirnment, I doubt that most of these new HUD's and other gadgets will work perfectly all day every day. Personally I think that better training will save you more than better gadgets.

    The recent post in another thread about firefighters who couldn't even connect the regulator to their Scott facepiece is a good example - are they going to remember what all the flashing lights and so on are for?
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    We've had these packs on my engine for almost 18 months. Call me old school, but I don't even pay attention to the HUD, I still check the gauge. Although most of the time I don't need too since one ought to have the sense of how long they've been in and how much air they have left based on air consumption drills.

    The RIT connections and all are highly needed and recommended. Train with them if you've never had them before, they take getting used to.

    We haven't had any problems with any of the units at all, other than the usual change the battery in the PASS.

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    Shold have went Drager PSS100, 4500, 45 minute, sentinals.

    Much much better pack then the NXG2 with all of the pros and none of the cons of the quirky bottle connect.

    the Drager reg is also much simpler to dock, just "shove it up your nose" and its in.
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