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    Question Let's Keep Going....

    Okay guys & gals, Especially you MetalMedic,

    What, if any, has anyone encountered with Titanium in vehicles? We now know that it can't be touched with hydraulics but, MetalMedic, you mentioned that a recip saw could possibly do it? If so, what type of blade, TPI, RPM's etc. are recommended?
    I'm a machinist and I have machined titanium in a controlled environment but, never have I tried to deal with it in the field. The material itself is really quite soft. BUT, it is very structurally sound! It is light but very abrasive. If I had some sort of portable milling machine on our Rescue truck I could deal with this stuff!
    Let me know any info that could be of use.

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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    I'm sure McGyver would use the freon in the AC unit to freeze it then hit it with the door handle he removed with a paperclip.

    This is a good thing to think about. With new technology coming out everyday it's hard to keep up to date about anything. As soon as a book or video comes out, it's outdated to a degree. With Interstate 35 running through our area, I'm surprised we haven't had more encounters with hybrid vehicles, titanium, or the quad steering vehicles and everything else that those engineers can come up with to excite the public.
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    The owner of G&S Titanium in Wooster is who gave me a couple pieces of the stuff to show at extrication training sessions. I have yet to play with it to see just how well it cuts. Anyway, when he gave the pieces to me, he said that cutting it with a reciprocating saw would be how he would deal with it... but I did not ask at the time about what blades to use. But he also told me that before he would try that, he would look for possible ways to get around the titanium to accomplish the same goal.

    I'll see if I can track him down for some more insight. Being a company owner, he isn't the easiest person to find sometimes.
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